3 Pin Straight Magnetic Connector

3 PIN straight magnetic connector
  1. Current Rating : 1-3 A
  2. Magnetic Force: N 52
  3. Type: 3 Pin 
  4. Waterproof :According to customer’s requirement


3 Pin Straight Magnetic Connector is assembled by a 3 pin pogo connector and magnet, which meets the customer’s requirements of a relatively simple overall structure, and has the advantages of simpler magnetic attraction, automatic alignment, good hand feeling, and space-saving.

Magnetic pogo pin connector is generally assembled by pogo pin connectors and magnets with different pin numbers such as 2pin, 3pin, 4Pin, 5pin, 6pin, and 7pin. Magnetic pogo connector is mainly divided into 1~8pin according to the number of interfaces, and can also be designed and customized according to the customer’s need. Therefore, in reality, the sales of magnetic pogo pin connectors require the manufacturer to make the original design first according to the application and performance requirements of customers, which requires the manufacturer to have the ability of one-stop solution such as R & D, production, sales, and after-sales service

Such a magnetic pogo pin connector is often used as a connector for automatic magnet adsorption charging and signal transmission functions. We have 2 pins, 3pin, 4pin,5pin, and 6pin magnetic pogo pin connectors solutions for our customers, and can be OEM/ODM for our customers from all over the world.


Brass(C3604)/Plastic PVC,PC/ABS /Magnet

Pin Salt Fog


Pin Plated

Gold Plated 3U »(Can customized)

Connector Type

Male and female


3 Pin


As drawing


black (Can customized)

Magnetic Force

N52 (As requirement)

Rated Current&Voltage

1A~3A/12V, can be customized



Customized Service And Drawing Of 3 Pin Straight Magnetic Connector

Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector

Application Of 3 Pin Straight Magnetic Connector

1Smart Watch smart wristband,robot,camera,Bluetooth Audio,recorder,projector,Drone

2Balance car,HDMI cable,Mini scanner,radio,electronic toy.

3Bluetooth headset,bluetooth speaker,wire and accessories,mobile power

4Wireless charger,data line,charging cable,charger,cell phone,Selfie stick


6: Electric fan,rice cooker,bread machine,water heater,microwave oven,vacuum cleaner,massager,television,webcam

More Type Of Pogo Pin


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